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When you set clear expectations for new employees, give them a better understanding of your values, and help them learn your processes, they can quickly get on to the challenges you hired them to tackle.

Why is this important?

  • 40% of employers fail to give new employees the minimum support they need to start their new job.
  • It took 43% of organizations more than a week to get basic workstation logistics and tools in place.
  • Almost a quarter of organizations lose new recruits in the first year.

How to do it in Workplace

Welcome new hires in onboarding groups

1. Welcome new hires in onboarding groups

Onboarding groups can help new hires get up to speed quickly. You can share the right training and resources and introduce people to the social nature of Workplace so they can engage and build connections right away.

  • Make a welcome post to help guide and orient new hires.
  • Create a group for each hiring batch by week or month. Encourage new joiners to reference the Org Chart to get to know their peers and teams right from their mobile device.
  • Ask staff managers to create a 1:1 secret group with each new employee and use it for day-to-day interactions.
  • Ask department leaders to 'Go Live' and welcome the team members to the organization in the first few weeks. Leaders can also welcome new employees via a Workplace post, sharing about their role, experience and a personal story as an introduction to the team

Org Chart

Encourage new hires to reference Org Chart

Deliver onboarding education with Learning

2. Deliver onboarding education with Learning

The Learning feature allows group admins to curate peer-based and easy to consume training content that new employees can easily access anytime, from desktop or mobile.

Share Learning content in your onboarding group and instruct employees to complete modules as part of their new hire training.

Build training experiences with Learning

Centralize onboarding training in groups with Learning

Learn more about enabling peer-to-peer knwoledge sharing with Learning.

Introduce new hires to mentors

3. Introduce new hires to mentors

Facilitating workplace mentoring shows you care about nurturing new hires. Mentoring can work just as well online as face-to-face.

The Cortado integration matches mentors with with new hires based on career interests and goals.

The Cortado integration matches employees with mentors

Deliver personalized onboarding with bots

4. Deliver personalized onboarding with bots

Chatbots like Enboarder can help new starters get up and running and deliver unique and personal experiences. These bots integrate with Workplace Chat so new employees can use their Workplace Chat app to get answers to frequently asked questions on the go.



  • Groups connect new starters from day one.
  • Live video in Workplace helps hiring teams show their personal touch.
  • Org Chart lets you quickly look up individual profiles and team information.
  • Using bots in Workplace Chat will help new members of the team find useful answers to everyday questions.
Success stories

Success stories

Project Starfish uses learning groups to onboard new trainees.

Project Starfish is an organization that creates workforce development opportunities for marginalized populations. One of their biggest challenges was onboarding trainees who often have multiple disabilities and come from a diverse array of countries, cultures, and educational and professional backgrounds.

They created learning group in Workplace where each post catered to a separate skill-based video. Trainees interacted with the videos, reacting to posts and starting discussions in the comments. To deliver customized learning, Project Starfish trainers posted customized videos and tagged the trainees they were best suited for. They were also able to follow up and see if certain trainees had indeed watched the video and posted their comments.

Not only did Project Starfish save money by avoiding the cost of building a separate Learning Management System, they also streamlined the entire onboarding process. Trainers were able to effectively measure progress and onboard trainees with minimum intervention. Today, all new trainees are automatically added to the learning group where they can access both onboarding materials and continuing education.

About Project Starfish

Project Starfish is an MIT startup exchange company that transforms lives, re-launches careers and creates workforce opportunities. Project Starfish uses a cutting-edge experiential workforce development model that includes real world simulation and gamification that creates contemporary workers.

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