Total Economic Impact of Workplace from Meta, Forrester Consulting

Business is better when people are connected. But how much better? We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study and help us find out.

Why Comms Leaders Need to Fix Work [Infographic]

The value of connecting everyone with Workplace

When organizations connect on Workplace, people become closer, teamwork gets faster and culture gets stronger. The Forrester study, based on 226 survey responses and 19 interviews with Workplace customers, shows the tangible benefits this connectivity brings to everyone—from the frontline worker to the management team.

  • 3.9x ROI over 3 years
  • 10% increase on revenue per customer
  • 34% increase in speed to deliver company updates to frontline workers
  • 25% decrease in leadership communication costs

Read the report to find out how organizations using Workplace achieved these benefits and more.

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